User Experiences with the De Le Roi Anti Age Cream:

De Le Roi Anti age cream is absolutely wonderful; I used to have very dry skin, frequently breaking out in spots, and I usually had to apply face cream at least three times a day for my skin to stay at least slightly moisturized, but with the De Le Roi face cream my skin is truly glowing and moisturized all day long. I no longer have dried-out skin and laugh lines under my eyes, my skin is positively radiant and looks younger and suppler. I had been using a number of face creams and had to get used to each of them first, they’d always irritated my face, especially my eyes which would be watering constantly in the beginning. But this cream I can safely apply around my eyes, which stay dry and don’t get irritated. I’m very pleased with it. Also, my pores have shrunk visibly. Scabs caused by acne vanish in two days and don’t leave any scars, my skin renews itself crazy fast. It’s excellent! Urša

First deeper lines started to appear around my eyes, and considering the incredibly large range of anti-wrinkle creams out there, deciding on buying a particular one was anything but quick and easy. However, the best decision proved to be the choice of the De Le Roi cream. Keeping in mind that the scope of advertising is vast while the products’ results usually poor, I was greatly surprised when changes on my face showed just after 4 days of use. Not only have the wrinkles been reduced, but my skin has become altogether firmer and smoother, and the cream hasn’t caused any undesirable reactions on my rather sensitive skin. At last a skincare product which has totally convinced me. Suzana

De Le Roi Anti age cream makes the skin on my face soft, supple and glowing, perhaps even smoother. Pores and wrinkles are less visible. Because my skin is dry and therefore very sensitive, I had tried many creams for sensitive skin care, but most of them caused itching and redness. Even creams which didn’t cause allergic reactions weren’t perfect because I had to apply them several times a day to keep my skin moist. Also, my skin would dry out during the night, and in the morning there wasn’t even a trace of the evening skin care… But the De Le Roi cream meets all my skin’s needs. I no longer have to reapply the cream during the day, in the morning I wake up with a pleasant feeling, because there’s no more tightness in my facial skin. The anti-cellulite cream is also great. Luckily, I don’t have to fight cellulite, but I do estimate that the skin on my legs is firmer and, like my facial skin, also softer, suppler and well-nourished, and perhaps therefore the appearance of my legs better. My mother also loves using the De Le Roi Anti age cream. She is an elderly lady who has taken great care of her body her whole life. Her skin is sensitive and demanding, too. For the last year she hasn’t been able to find a cream that would suit her. Her facial skin had started losing its elasticity completely, turning grey and rough… like leather. No cream could help her nourish, soften or moisturize it. Now she has been using the De Le Roi cream for about a month and her face has visibly changed. Her skin is becoming softer again, it has started glowing and becoming slightly pink. The wrinkles have also been softened, and the pores minimized. Metka


Since us women are sensitive to the changes brought about by our years, I was thrilled when I tried the De Le Roi Anti age cream. Being a supporter of natural cosmetics and using only olive oil, the truth is I haven’t been using such creams before, but I’m very pleased with this cream. It is absorbed exceptionally well into the skin, and of course, the look in the mirror is thrilling and gratifying despite the fact that I’m well over fifty. Thank you, and keep up the good work. Marta


With the regular use of the De Le Roi Anti age cream and drinking the programmed water, my skin has become fresh and healthy. Dunja, 67


I can stress that it is a very pleasant feeling when you feel your skin becoming younger, softer, and suppler. I have achieved that through meditation classes with Sandi, programmed water, and have benefited most from the De Le Roi cream. But above all I’m delighted that my skin is no longer as dry as it was as a result of my thyroid problems. Looking in the mirror in the morning is very comforting. Erika


The effects the De Le Roi Anti age cream has had on me are that my face has started glowing and the shade of my complexion has changed. Wrinkles around my eyes have disappeared. Lili


I’m 48 years old. I feel young, but despite my youthful nature I’m aware that my skin isn’t as youthful anymore. I’ve undoubtedly brought on many wrinkles myself, because it hasn’t been long since stress was a constant companion in my daily routine. But even though I had improved many things in my life, namely mostly my reactions to events, my skin didn’t improve all on its own. Before I started using the De Le Roi face cream, the skin on my face, neck and upper chest was in my opinion considerably more wrinkled than the skin of some of my peers. But after just a few days of using the De Le Roi Anti age cream, the appearance of my facial skin changed profoundly. Finer lines have practically disappeared, while deeper wrinkles have been smoothed out and are barely visible, and my skin has become firmer, suppler and glowing. Because of the positive effects the cream has had on my skin, I take care of my face with the De Le Roi cream every day. Thank you, Sandi. Violeta


At first I would apply the De Le Roi Anti age cream several times a day. I felt that it moisturized my skin, but I thought it wasn’t rich enough, my skin felt too tight. Now one application a day is enough. The cream is also sufficiently nourishing. Initially, I didn’t notice any changes, but other people did. After three weeks, the pictures showed visible changes as well, there were far fewer lines around my eyes, nose and mouth. My facial expression has changed too, I look better and younger. Urša, 50 


Regular use of the De Le Roi Anti age cream and De Le Roi programmed water has produced outstanding results. See for yourselves and follow directions. You will be amazed by the excellent results. The skin becomes radiant and firmer, and the smile grows more confident. Tatjana Rangus, 58


When I first put on the De Le Roi cream, I felt a slight stinging sensation where I had wrinkles. But the next time I applied just a little bit of cream, my skin started breathing and the stinging sensation was gone. My skin became soft, supple and youthful. I had never used creams, but when I tried the De Le Roi cream, I was thrilled and so I’ve been using it with great pleasure every day. I warmly recommend it, Milojka K.


I can say that the De Le Roi Anti age cream is miraculous. I wouldn’t have even thought about it myself if it hadn’t been for the response of people around me who knew nothing about it. My colleague commented that I looked rejuvenated, that I was glowing. After fourteen days of using the cream, my best friend said that a kind of light was radiating from my eyes, my wrinkles had vanished and that I must have definitely had Botox. Nataša


In addition to many other interesting things at Sandi’s meditation classes, I also had the opportunity to test Sandi’s De Le Roi Anti age cream. I was skeptical. I was even making jokes about it. I declared that I believed many things, but you certainly couldn’t get rid of wrinkles using a cream. And I in particularly didn’t stand a chance for that to happen because I sit at the computer eight hours a day and have had laugh lines around my eyes since young age. I tried the cream anyway. I followed directions strictly and drank the De Le Roi programmed water with it. I kept watching myself carefully in the mirror, but I didn’t see any major difference. Perhaps I noticed during the first few days of using the cream slight redness where I had wrinkles. After the trial period was over, I used the cream only occasionally, and started using my old cream which I had been using for years. It is a gentle moisturizing cream which I use because my skin is rather problematic. After about a week or two I noticed that my wrinkles had smoothed and weren’t as deep anymore. Considering I had been using my old cream after the De Le Roi Anti age, it seemed to me that the De Le Roi cream had a delayed effect on me. I got results a bit later than others. When I observed other users, I thought their results were immediate. With some women they were very visible, with others barely noticeable, but there were definitely results. For me, however, the cream obviously had a belated effect on my skin. I don’t go about explaining to people about the Anti age cream, but I’m very pleased about the comments that I hide my 54 years well. Brigita

De Le Roi Anti age cream has a wonderful texture and a pleasant smell. With regular usage my skin became softer, my skin tone more even, expression lines less visible, and my skin well-moisturized and wonderfully radiant. The cream in combination with the De Le Roi programmed water provides visible results. Barbara P.

User Experiences with the De Le Roi Anti Cellulite Cream:

This year, cellulite on my thighs and buttocks started bothering me to the point where I decided to try an anti-cellulite cream in addition to being an active runner. I chose the De Le Roi cream and only after a few days of using the cream in combination with running I was surprised by the results. Cellulite was considerably reduced, which was particularly noticeable on my thighs when I tightened my thigh muscles. The cream also had a very beneficent effect on my skin structure, especially regarding the firmness of skin. What was also interesting was that when I had put the cream on before going running, I experienced increased perspiration where the cream had been applied, and the effect was even greater and faster. I sincerely recommend the cream to everyone, because it has been proven it really works. Suzana

I’ve been using the De Le Roi Anti Cellulite cream for about a month now. As soon as you put the cream on, the skin feels nourished. I had been using body lotions forever, but in the winter the skin on my legs always used to be dry. But after three days of using the De Le Roi cream – I’ve been applying it twice daily – I started to notice first changes; my legs were rejuvenated, my skin was supple and glowing. The cream is also very long-lasting, after the morning shower my skin feels the same as it does when I apply the cream to my legs. The extent of cellulite on my legs has been vastly reduced, my entire legs are a lot firmer. Unfortunately I have been stress eating a lot since I started using the cream, but even though I’ve gained two kilograms, I’ve still managed to keep the same thigh and stomach size. The cream is fantastic and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Urša

De Le Roi Anti Cellulite cream did its job very quickly. Not that there was tons of cellulite, but even at the extent there was, it didn’t persist for long. I checked just this morning, it still hasn’t returned, even though I’m no longer using the cream. Andreja


Sandi, thank for the smoothness and lightness of my legs. Results have been wonderful. My legs look different, more beautiful, because patches of cellulite have been smoothed out and minimized by using the De Le Roi Anti Cellulite cream. Consequently, the girth of my thighs has been reduced by 2-3 cm without any effort. After application I have also noticed that my legs become so light they don’t even feel like mine. So thank you again for your cream. Tatjana


De Le Roi Anti Cellulite cream had the following effect: the girth of my thighs has been reduced by two centimeters, and my skin has become suppler and firmer. Lili

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